Dear Editor:

I would like to ask for your vote for Propositions 2, 3 and 4. These propositions will provide much needed improvements to our parks and recreation infrastructure.

Proposition 2 will provide for a New Recreational Pool. The proposed new pool will have modern amenities and will be located within the recreational complex. It will replace the existing Camp Bowie Pool that is nearly 70 years old. Attendance at this pool has declined significantly over the past several decades due to its ongoing deterioration. A new pool will not only better serve our citizens but should also draw regional attendance creating economic benefit to our community.

Proposition 3 will provide for a new Baseball and Softball Complex in a modern clover leaf design. The Complex will be directly adjacent to Gordon Wood Stadium. Our current facilities are in a state of disrepair and built in an irregular, inefficient configuration. This proposition will result in an attractive, modern sports facility for over 1,400 current participants in adult/youth sports programs as well as regional sports tournaments that will have an economic impact on our community. It also clears the way for the future site of a soccer/football complex to the location of the current ball fields. Ultimately, this will create a multi-purpose, easily accessible recreational sports complex.

Proposition 4 will provide for the renovation of the existing Coliseum Annex to be used for a new Senior Citizens Center. Like the Camp Bowie Pool, the current Senior Citizens Center was built in the early 1940s and is located on the outskirts of town. The new location will be centrally located in a modern, updated facility with more usable space. This facility will also be used to provide supplemental meeting rooms for potential convention and tourism events.

Passage of these propositions will not increase your taxes.

These propositions will be funded through the Brownwood Economic Development Corporation. They will be using their existing tax proceeds to pay for these projects. By law, these tax proceeds cannot be used for street repairs.

Passage of these propositions will not obligate the City of Brownwood to take on future debt. Propositions 2, 3 and 4 will complete Phases 1 and 2 of the City of Brownwood’s Master Parks Plan. Although the master parks plan consists of two more phases, we hope to fund those through grants, private contributions and in-kind donations. Any future bond would have to be approved by the voters.

The Brownwood Economic Development Corporation board has unanimously agreed to support these propositions after determining that they will continue to have sufficient funds available to perform their primary duty of economic development. Like the Brownwood Industrial Foundation, they support these propositions because improved recreational facilities will assist our existing businesses and industry in the recruitment and retention of employees as well as have a positive economic impact on our local retail economy by bringing more visitors to Brownwood.

Having served on the Parks Advisory Committee for the past three years, I believe that the passage of all three of these propositions is an ideal solution toward continuing the much needed revitalization of Brownwood’s parks and recreational facilities and programs. We have witnessed the positive impact that parks improvements can have on our community with the major infrastructure upgrades and improvements at Coggin Park and Gordon Wood Stadium.

In Propositions 2, 3 and 4, we have a unique opportunity to vote for a package of quality improvements to our parks and recreational facilities that benefits everyone and doesn’t increase your taxes! Please take the time to express your opinion and go vote. Thank you.

Greg Dodds