Intitiatives undertaken by the Family Services Center involving the role of fathers in the parenting process can only enhance what educators, social service specialists, members of clergy and almost every other serious observer of the human condition understand to be the foundation of society — the family.

What Americans know to be “family” has never been more diverse, and its basic definition has never been more debated. But the statistics are clear. In the absence of criminal activity or other negative extenuating circumstances, children do better in school and have a reduced chance of sliding into harmful habits when both parents are involved in their lives — even if those parents are divorced, and even if one of those adults is a caring step-parent.

The Family Services Center, located at the corner of Austin Avenue and Avenue B, will hold a meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at which fathers will be invited to explore the important role they play in raising children. Information is available by calling the center at 646-5939, or just show up Monday evening for the “Celebrate Dads” program. Fathers attending will have a chance to win father-and-child fishing gear and other door prizes.

It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the most important job a man will ever have in life.

Brownwood Bulletin