The Brown County United Way campaign has been under way for a month now, and momentum is building. It takes time for volunteers to contact business managers and individual donors and for those internal campaigns to wrap up and report. Meanwhile, some other fund-raising efforts are ongoing.

One of those initiatives that has become a tradition for Brown County residents is a benefit luncheon at Underwood’s cafeteria, now in its sixth year. The employees and management of the Brownwood landmark come in on what is usually their day off - Wednesday - and do what they are famous for. Only, the proceeds go the Brown County United Way.

The benefits to the campaign extend even beyond the several thousand dollars the event raises each year. The luncheon is a very visible show of support for the United Way campaign, and it helps remind us of the importance of the drive and the community’s support of these member agencies.

Many local United Way campaigns are discovering that such projects are enjoyable - and highly successful - ways to supplement the cash contributions that donors make each year. Whether they are garage sales, hamburger cookouts or raffles, they all tend to have a similar effect: awareness of the campaign with additional funds for the operations of agencies vital to all residents of the county.

If you don’t have plans for lunch today, make some now - at Underwood’s.

Brownwood Bulletin