To the editor:

I read in the USA Today where the stock market plunge in the last 15 months has wiped out $2 trillion of our retirement funds - out 20 percent. Thatís serious money.

The Republican-controlled Congress credit in 1994, deregulated the Federal Communications Act in 1996 and Wall Street in 1998. Wall Street was placed on scoutís honor to do what was right. You were not told about it because a guy named Murdock from Australia bought up all the radio and TV stations, and he wanted us dumb, so we have been misinformed since 1997. The Bush-Cheney - Fox News has preached that we should kill Social Security as a quasi-government entity. So does John McCain. I hesitate to call Bush-Cheney-McCain Republicans, because none are.

Iíve watched politics since Harry Truman ran against Tom Dewey in 1948. If my Texas A&M math is correct, that is 60 years. I always measured a voter. If he wanted to balance a federal budget, I judged him to be a Republican. The last time I heard a Republican stand for a balanced budget was Reagan in 1980. He said, ďJust saying it donít mean it.Ē

Only an idiot would believe one can increase spending for war on the one hand and reduce taxes on the other hand, yet balance a budget. So, the Republican party I have known is dead and buried.

Just what are these guys who spend a lot on war, tax only the poor, and want to abolish Social Security? I call them MegaCorporations. Eisenhower called them multinational. Abe Lincoln called them corporations. Both condemned them.

McCain is just a mouth. So is George Bush. The MegaCorps that run our government have let the movement to deregulate the agencies that governed them. Now they have no government watch dogs. All of that to say this: The MegaCorps. want us to put our Social Security money into the stock market so they can get at it, and they will, if we donít stop them, regulate them.

McCain doesnít know he is the tool of the MegaCorps., but he does know that the MegaCorps. speech writers write his speeches. I donít blame him for wanting to be president. That is quite an honor. Yet he is not strong enough to throw off the yoke of Exxon-Mobile, Lockheed, Merck and the rest.

Iím not sure any of us can. But we must try, not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren, and yes, great-grandchildren.

Col. George Day