To the editor:

I want to use this means to inform the Central Texas area and to express my appreciation of what I feel is a great medical center, Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

Since November 2007, I have had to use every area of the facility, starting with central admissions. These employees are very friendly, caring and thorough in taking care of ones needs. The radiology department personnel are the same. I can also say the same concerning the emergency room personnel and doctors. They were very quick in taking care of my medical needs and seeing that I was as comfortable as could be.

After Dr. James Fowler determined that I needed immediate surgery, I was taken into surgery where Dr. Fowler and the surgery staff were very compassionate and caring and very thorough in their work.

I was then in ICU for seven days and was very impressed with what I would consider the very best nurses and personnel anywhere. Compassion and caring are the way I would describe them also, as well as several others who were also in ICU.

Enough cannot be said about the Walker Cancer Center. I have been going there for about 10 weeks. Dr. Cass is great, as well as the staff I have dealt with Linda, Jeff, Joyce, Madine, Tina, Shannon and Arnie. I have been very gratified with their concern for the patient, their knowledge, their compassion and their desire to do their best for the patient.

Another individual I cannot leave out of all of this is Dr. Tom Byrd, a friend and the best primary doctor I have ever had.

It is a very comforting feeling for me that we have such a good medical facility, Brownwood Regional, and the very good doctors who we have in Brownwood.

Thanks each of you for everything you have done for me.

A.J. Dickerson