Dear Editor:

Apparently Mr. Locker hasn’t been keeping up with the times either. City council is elected every four years. Perhaps if city council had given the police department the money to buy the surveillance equipment they requested to install in the property room they wouldn’t be faced with the problems of “evidence tampering.” Look at the paper nearly every day and you will see where a police officer has been accused of some wrong doing. Are you going to blame the whole police department for what a few bad officers do? Mr. Locker’s “informed sources” informed him wrong. As soon as it was brought to Chief Cowin’s attention, he told his officers to “get him,” even though the incident occurred three years prior.

Mr. Locker, who doesn’t live in the city limits, should know that Chief Cowin has 48 years of law enforcement behind him and you can’t get a more qualified chief than Virgil Cowin. As for the drug problems in this city, we read every day about arrests that have been the result of long investigative hours and the cooperation of the many agencies involved. Thank God for a dedicated chief of police, who, by the way, has his phone number listed in the phone book and will take your call at any time. He has done it before and will continue to do so. When you go to the polls to vote, think about what our military men and women are fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan — so others in the world will have the freedom to elect their leaders and not have dictatorships ever again.

If you want to give up your right to vote, then why spend millions of dollars on campaigns to elect officials? Why not select a “world order body” and have them appoint our leaders and we can be like sheep doing everything a few tell us. My husband fought in Korea to stop communism and I’m sure he and many others will continue to fight for our freedoms.

Dorothy Upfold