To the editor,

After listening to the opinions presented on the issue of selecting the Chief of Police for Brownwood, I would like to offer my views.

Some have commented on the qualifications Brownwood has set for the Chief of Police which under the current system are: a certified police officer and a resident of the city of Brownwood.

However, letís not forget that he must convince the majority of the voters that he is experienced, capable and trustworthy. The present police chief and past chiefs have been experienced and well qualified for office. Also, they were longtime community members and most of us knew their character.

The men knew what our community needed. Ironically, the city council, who some want to be responsible for appointing the chief, have no requirements to run for office other than being a resident.

On the matter of the budget, many items are standard and more than one person is involved in the budget process. Whether this position is elected or appointed does not change the budget process. The city council sets the budget and any large purchase is reviewed and approved by it. Some things that the chief of police asks for arenít approved because there just isnít enough money to go around. We can all identify with that.

Some believe we would get more applicants. The City of Early had at least 11 applicants and each one spent time making and submitting a resume and interviewing for the job. Two years ago we had five ďapplicantsĒ run for the chiefís job and we all participated in the interview process via the newspaper, speeches and individual conversations with them.

The men did a great job letting us know their education and training. Then just as we did in the election for sheriff, governor and president, we made a decision.

I would just like to remind the registered voters in the City of Brownwood, donít let any special interest group be responsible for your losing your right to elect your next police chief. Itís your right to vote so donít lose it! Vote against an appointed police chief Proposition 1.

Becky (Cowin) Clark