To the editor:

We would like to thank everyone who has helped the Military and Family Support Group show support for our military. The area schools who have made cards, Latch Key Program, Boys and Girls Club, Heart of Texas Girl Scouts, Churches, American Legion, VFW and numerous others who gave because they love our military.

The last three years, Hope Bearden, a teacher at Brownwood Intermediate School, has coordinated a program during May to show support for our military. One of the projects is for students to make cards for our military which are distributed by our group to local servicemen and women.

Our military appreciate and enjoy all of the items donated but the response from our military indicate the cards of support mean the most, especially the cards from the children.

We would like to share two of the cards with you that were made this year. On the front of one card is an American Flag and “God Bless America… Land that is Free. On the inside: “Thank you for fighting for our country and for our freedom. You are my hero and I hope that someday I will meet more people who care about American as much as you do. I hope you come home safely. We support you.”

“I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have fought for our country so that we may continue to be free and still be one nation under God. The past may bring us memories to treasure through the years and the future keeps the dream alive despite our doubts and fears. But, oh, my friend, we have today to live, and laugh and cry…a day our Lord has given that soon will pass us by. May God bless you.”

These are only two cards of many; but our children say the words that all Americans should be saying to uplift our military who are fighting for the freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you to all who have helped our military know that Americans are praying and supporting them at home. Please continue to keep our military, their families, our leaders and America in your prayers. Take a moment to go by the Brown County Courthouse and look at the “Wall of Heroes.”

Joyce Leidig

Military and Family Support Group