Several dozen Brown County high school students came home last week with a sense of disappointment after coming up just short of their ultimate goal — state championship honors.

But whether it was in team play, like the Brownwood Lions in baseball and the Early Lady Horns in softball, or in individual competition at the state track meet, these young people have proved themselves champions nonetheless.

The achievement of competing so successfully throughout the year and then into the state qualifying rounds should not be diminished. And remember, this was accomplished despite the interruption and uncertainty that developed when the end of the season was delayed by state health department concerns over swine flu.

It was definitely an unusual season for that reason alone, and these young competitors adapted and remained dedicated to reaching their goals.

Gold medals and state championships were not to be this year, but a long list of remarkable achievements have been etched into school histories. Congratulations, and here’s hoping for even more success next year.

Brownwood Bulletin