To the editor:

As a citizen of Brownwood, I am most interested in those issues which will offer a better life in our city and increase the possibility for the city to attract people here both permanently and short term. I would, therefore, urge all voters in the city to strongly consider those issues also, as you go to the polls to vote on Propositions 1, 2, 3 and 4 on May 10.

At the open discussion with those who were seeking positions on the city council prior to the voting last fall, I heard over and over the question, “What do you proposed to do about the crime in Brownwood?” That is an excellent question to be asked if the council had had the responsibility for such. In the voting process, that responsibility and authority is vested in the chief of police by the voters. Therefore, I personally believe that the city government must have this responsibility and authority as we as voters expect them to have based upon the question asked. May I then encourage you to vote yes on Proposition 1 allowing the city charter to be changed to permit the appointment of the chief of police.

As a senior citizen who regularly participates in the activities of the Camp Bowie Senior Center, I am most interested in having more comfortable and usable facilities for our activities. If Proposition 4 passes, the opportunity will be there for such facilities to be provided at the annex to the coliseum without cost to the city or taxpayer. This center, when completed, will serve as dining and meeting space for special functions attracting tourists to our city and will be a source of revenue from rental for this facility. Vote yes on Proposition 4.

Athletic facilities for the youth of our city are woefully inadequate and outdated. Propositions 2 and 3 are needed to provide safe and adequate swimming facilities and baseball fields. Eventually soccer field can be built on property of their own, this meeting an extreme need. This is a win-win consideration for our youth and the city. Vote yes on Propositions 2 and 3.

BEDC has determined that they have sufficient funds to not only fund these facilities but continue to fund future economic development needs without need for an increase in taxes.

Vote yes on all four propositions and vote early! Polls will be open Saturday at the Coliseum Annex.

Doil S. Hammons