Brown County residents who have waited until the last minute to either register to vote, or to check on the status of their registration, cannot put it off any longer if they plan to cast a ballot on Nov. 4. The deadline arrives Monday.

Several hundred residents have already heeded the call, Brown County election officials say. With the interest the presidential election is generating, along with the importance of every other contest in the general election, itís important that every interested citizen who is eligible to vote be able to do so. That canít happen without advance registration.

The county elections office in the Brownwood Coliseum Annex will stay open an hour later than normal Monday afternoon in order to accommodate those who canít stop by until after normal working hours. Those who can get there over the noon hour wonít have to skip lunch, thanks to members of the Brownwood Lions Club who will be cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for those who stop by. Mail ballots may also be requested. And if you canít stop by the office, make a phone call - 646-4333.

Every possible excuse is being anticipated, and being eliminated as the final day to register in time for the general election arrives.

Then, of course, the voterís obligation - and opportunity - is to examine the issues and the candidates and be prepared to cast an intelligent ballot on Nov. 4, not only in the presidential race, but also in all the others.

Brownwood Bulletin