To the editor:

Sometime on Sept. 27 or 28, 2008, Bangs school was burglarized and over $100,000 worth of damage was done. This was not a childish prank, it was a crime. It was a crime that impacts all citizens of Brown County, not just the residents of Bangs. It was an attack on a learning institution in our county. The school had to be closed so the damage can be repaired and the mess cleaned up. The students of Bangs schools will miss a day of learning because of this senseless act. The other school districts in Brown County will have to be on alert to ensure their schools are not the next target. The taxpayers will directly or indirectly have to pay for the damages.

The perpetrators of the crime are criminals. They are no better than the drug dealers that infest our communities or the bugler who breaks into the corner store. They do not deserve the protection of honest citizens or should not be able to hide behind the silence of those with knowledge of this crime.

Do you have any information that could lead to the apprehension of these criminals? If so, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, but still want to be of service to your community by providing information on this crime, call the Brown County Crime Stoppers tip line at (325) 646-TIPS (8477). You do not have to give your name. If the information you provide leads to the arrest of anyone involved in this crime you could be eligible for a reward of $2,000.

R.C. Owens


Brown County Crime Stoppers