To the editor:

The Brown County Historical Society and the Brown County Historical Commission would like to preserve the building currently used for the Senior Citizens building. It is an historic building from Camp Bowie with paintings inside that were painted by the German prisoners of war.

The City of Brownwood has plans to build a new sports complex where the senior citizens building is. It does not appear to fit in the plans. There is some consideration about moving the building to the 36th Division Memorial Park across from the hospital, but the cost to move it seems to be astronomical. There is also some consideration about the leaving the building where it is and getting the 36th Division organization to set up a museum there or move the Gordon Wood Hall of Fame there. Either of these would be a good use of the building.

The Historical Society and the Historical Commission would like you to contact Ron Watson at City Hall to show your support for preserving the old historic building.

Donnie Lappe