Brown County residents have the opportunity to welcome home one of their own who is making major waves in the entertainment industry. Coffey Anderson is back in Bangs for part of this week visiting family and friends before resuming a concert tour arranged for the top four “Nashville Star” finalists.

An official event for him will be held at 7:30 p.m. today at the new Bangs High School auditorium. The public is invited to stop by for autographs, purchase recordings, hear Coffey strum a handful of tunes and “have fun,” the singer said.

Anderson’s extended run on the NBC summer series presented his music to a millions of fans, and his career appears to be about to blossom. Negotiations are under way for a possible major recording contract. Meanwhile, Coffey is continuing a hectic schedule of concerts, many of which are related to churches and faith-based non-denominational organizations with missions parallel to the music ministry of his home church in Los Angeles.

Coffey Anderson may not have too much time in the future to spend relaxing in his hometown, even though a concert tour throughout Texas is in the works for next summer. Tonight’s opportunity may not be repeated soon, so take advantage of it.

Brownwood Bulletin