To the editor:

The past few weeks I have been reading, watching, and listening to all kinds of media, letters to the editor, etc. about the upcoming Presidential election. So many people are saying, of both the Democratic and Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates, that he/she is ignorant, stupid, clueless, unqualified, etc. etc. etc. The funny thing, no one ever gives hard proven facts or proven factual statements of what either candidate has said or done to give reason to their criticism. All that has been given is political parties’ twist, repeated hearsay or quotes from one of the various celebrities, talk show host, news media source or one of thousands of forwarded e-mails circulating the Web.

It’s funny that, depending on which political party and news channel you swear allegiance to, how both candidates and their running mates are stupid, filthy rotten liars. I think it is time for the American people to really get educated on the issues and candidates. We need to stop relying on what other people and the left or right swayed media are saying. I for one am fed up with the childish, foolish, name-calling, mud smearing games that the entertainment industry, biased media, and the political parties play. I find it very sickening and nauseating that “adults” act the way they do. Left wing, right wing, conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican, one is just as guilty as the other. That can not be denied! Sometimes I think these “adults” are still in elementary school. They act like children, thriving on drama, turning politics into some hit for swat competition or “Jerry Springer” episode. It needs to stop on all levels, local and national!

From the first meeting of the Continental Congress in September 1774 until Washington bid farewell to his officers in New York City in December of 1783, men stood, fought, died and shed blood for principles, freedom, liberty, and Godly Christian values. This election is not about race, sex, or change. It is about the safety, integrity, and preservation of our nation’s history. Those freedoms, principles, and values that lives and blood were shed for are at stake! Please don’t be so narrow-minded that you vote because of a political party preference, race, sex, or family tradition. Vote because you have educated yourself and you know for a fact what each candidate stands for. Vote because of YOUR convictions; not the convictions or standards of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, or ramblings of a letter to the editor. Don’t be swayed by celebrities, political parties, and especially media influences! Don’t be naive and buy what everyone is saying as the truth, but take time to research and verify for yourself!

The next presidential debate is just around the corner. Take time to really listen to each candidate speak, whether you like, dislike, love or hate them. Look and listen beyond the lies, jokes, pokes, jabs, and stabs each side is throwing at each other and really listen to the words that are coming out of the candidates’ mouths! Listen to their beliefs, their values and their stand on the issues at hand. You think! You decide who won the debate, not who the “political analyst” said won. Go to the government websites and view with your own eyes their voting and Senate records. Only a true practice of their actions can verify what they believe. As the philosopher Maurice Blondel says, “If you really want to understand what a man believes, don’t just listen to what he says, but watch what he does.”

Voting is a privilege not a right, respect it as that!

Toby Bowers