Habits arenít easy to change, even when they are good ones. And shopping at the Brown County Farmers Market is certainly that: a good habit, featuring good products and a good price.

But the market has changed location this year, and its weekday hours of operation as well. In this, its first week of operation, some faithful customers have been missing the opportunity to shop.

The Bulletin will be offering reminders in the Community Calendar throughout the summer, but the schedule is easy to remember, although it is a change from previous years. The market will open at 7 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and remain open until everything is sold out.

The location is a familiar one, too. Itís in the welcome shade under the Bill Monroe Overpass on Austin Avenue, at the intersection of Avenue A and Brady Avenue. Thatís where the mobile recycling unit can be found on the first Saturday of every month.

Itís still relatively early in the growing season for some vegetables and produce, but the crops are starting to come in. Meanwhile, vendors are offering a variety of plants that have attracted buyersí interest. Growers interested in being a part of the market are encouraged to participate by calling Todd Price at 646-1422.

At a time when many Americans are concerned about not only the quality but also the safety of their food, knowing the source and how it is grown and handled becomes increasingly important. At the farmers market, shoppers get to talk directly to the people who planted and harvested the product, and thereís a sense of security in that.

Meanwhile, if youíre reading this early enough today, thereís still time to get to this morningís sale. If not, put it on your calendar for Saturday ó and for future mornings as well. The mix of items available varies each time, so youíll want to make frequent stops.

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