To the editor:

Has anyone noticed that the 75,000 barrels of oil a day Bush stopped putting in the national reserve has had the same effect on gasoline that the lottery had on school taxes? They both keep going up as though nothing had happened. Did you see when Bush said he didn’t feel right playing golf when our people are fighting his war? You have to give him credit; he did give it up long enough for the pictures. A few minutes later he was back at it again. The only sacrifice he has made is our loved ones. He reminds me of that old song, “He holds the lantern while his mother chops the wood.”

I hear this administration is thinking about giving our tax dollars to Mexico, to give them an incentive to stay in their own country. Does anyone know if the borders are open both ways or is it a one-way deal? It would be one way of getting some of our tax money back if we went over there, because then we would be illegal and get in on some of those $10 hospital and doctor bills.

Thank you for letting me vent some of my steam.

Omer T. Pointer