Dear Editor:

While in Waco, my business was burglarized twice, resulting in losses of substantial sums, and property damage. Each time, efforts at, and interest in solving the crime were minimal, at best. The savings to the department which resulted from the truncated investigations was, no doubt, significant. Shortly after returning to Brownwood, we were the victims of an armed robbery. Only the courage of our long-time manager thwarted the efforts of the suspect. The response of the police was swift and professional. It was important to them that this crime not go unsolved. It did not. The suspect was soon apprehended, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison. He is still there. The contrast between the actions of the two police forces could not be more dramatic. The crimes were not identical, however, it was the interest in solving the case that struck me. You must decide whether you want a man who wants to take care of his career, or a man who wants to take care of his neighbors. You may think you want an effective bureaucracy manager to run your police force, but once you are the victim of a crime, I promise, you will want to be able to cast a vote for the chief of police.

Leo Underwood