To the editor:

The Brownwood Reunion is very bad for people who work and live downtown. The barricade parking passes for people who work downtown do not work. If no one is at the barricade you canít get through or no one will let you through. Take for example, the parade. I got downtown 10 minutes or more early before the the parade and it was already barricaded and I had to park where I could and walk a block and a half to the Manor.

The barricade parking pass does not work for residents of the Manor. The people who live at the Brownwood Manor have people parking in the Manor parking lot who donít live or work there. That parking lot is for the residents or workers and people donít respect that. Some of the people who live at the Manor are on walkers, canes or wheelchairs and can not walk far. The noise from the music was so loud that some people at the Brownwood Manor couldnít sleep.

Pam Deeds