Simple decisions made today can prove to be choices that are life-changing. Perhaps several Brown County youngsters will look back in years to come and remember this week as such a crossroads in their development.

Leaders in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts here are looking for members to join their programs, and special events are explaining what is available. The Cub Scouts held a program at Adams Street Community Center on Tuesday, and the Girl Scouts have scheduled their program at the Austin Avenue Family Life Center this evening.

Scouting has been an important part of the lives of countless Brown County residents for several generations, but these programs have gained stiff competition for young peopleís time in recent years. But they donít have to be mutually exclusive.

As the Cub Scout promotional information stated, young people can be involved in Scouting and still enjoy extracurricular activities at school, league sports and private enrichment lessons. In fact, Scouting often complements such activities.

Families who arenít able to attend these programs havenít missed out. Enrollment in Scouting - for both boys and girls - is ongoing, and new faces are always welcome. Thatís good news for them, and larger participation is good news for the community.

Brownwood Bulletin