Read a crime article recently in the online edition of a newspaper in a city of about 100,000 in another part of Texas.

According to the article, a home invasion a few days ago had police trying to determine if it was linked to several other home invasions last month.

The article had the usual obligatory advice from police, such as, lock your doors and windows, look through peepholes, etc. ó not that thereís anything wrong with that advice.

So what response does someone offer up? Blame the stupid police, naturally.

ďWho couldnít see this happening?Ē someone with only a first name wrote in the online comments section. ď(The police department) steps up its patrols in Faith Village, and the robbers move to another area of town.

ďAnd let me axe (the police department) this: what good does it do to check your peepholes if your door is kicked in in the middle of the night? Itís like Iíve always said, (the police department) is worthless. They donít deserve the raise we voted in for them.Ē

Someone else with an some sort of unpronounceable screen chimed in: ďI couldnít agree with you more. This police department is an embarrassment to this great city we live in.Ē

You two peeps mustíve gotten speeding tickets recently.

With the proliferation of blogs, youtubes, myspaces and comment forums that many newspapers now have in their onlines, itís pretty easy to get something published, and often anonymously.

You can thump your chest, swing from a vine, strut your stuff, hone your skills as a complainer and rock-thrower, give it you acerbic very best ó bitterly, loudly, cynically whack away at people or entire communities from a place where nobody needs to know your name.

Peeps, Iím seeing an anonymous column here on Thursdays. Wonít use my real name, just a screen name ó Cat Juggler. Nobody would ever figure that one out.

Well, one comment in a forum deserves another, donít you know. The cop-bashers elicited a response:

ďIf you do not like the way things are, sign up and run for office to change them, but I bet neither of you have. Get involved and try to help change things for the better. I challenge you to get involved, you will find out the problem is not the police, it is people taking responsibility for their own actions, and obeying the law. These officers are not an embarrassment Ö and if you think they are not worth the pay, you are totally out of touch with what they have to do. And I sign my name, Johnson.Ē

It can be rather interesting to see what people think, especially if they donít have to reveal their identities ó then you can see what they really think. I have been scandalized ó scandalized, I tell you ó to learn that Brownwood isnít the only community that prevents chronic complainers from leaving, going somewhere better, apparently holding a gun to their heads and saying youíre not going anywhere, son.

Too hot. Too cold. Nothing to do here. Canít get no job. Nobody does anything right. Everybody here (except me) is stupid and corrupt.

Iím not talking about you peeps with honest, legitimate criticism and the ideas to try to make things better. And you know who you are. Iím talking about a subculture of vampire bats out there with too much time on their hands. Itís their lifeís mission to analyze, criticize and abuse every statement ever uttered in public by every person who ever lived, to trash their communities and rain boulders on people who are actually trying to make a difference.

And, off on a tangent Ö some peeps recently were talking about some other peeps who refuse to pledge to the flag, citing religious beliefs. But when itís time for the government to start passing out the free stuff, theyíve got their hands stuck right out there.

Whatís up with that?

Steve Nash writes his column for the Brownwood Bulletin on Thursdays. He may be reached by e-mail at