To the editor:

Some very wise old soul once said, “The greatness of a country is measured in the way it honors its dead.” I feel this is particularly important as to how we honor our military dead. Our community will honor our fallen military with a service at Eastlawn Memorial Park at 10 a.m. Monday, Memorial Day.

I am ashamed of the school boards and administrations of Brownwood and Early that they have decided to not observe Memorial Day and will instead have schools open as usual. Apparently, Memorial Day is just another day in their minds. And, of course, their decision clearly impresses upon the students that, in fact, Memorial Day is nothing special, just another day.

And we wonder where the attitude, “I support the troops. I just don’t want to actually do anything to support the troops,” comes from.

What we do much much more than what we say molds our children into the adults of tomorrow. Think of the message we have sent to the children of Americans serving in the military: “No, you and your fellow students may not honor your parents’ service and sacrifice, today is just another day and it is more important for our school district for all of you to be in school.”

God bless America and God bless all who have served her and are serving her and will serve her.

Russell Bentley