To the editor:

While I understand that most teens are not rude and usually respect others, the few that are rude and inconsiderate are the ones that are usually written about because those few impact our society and make us stereotype all teenagers. Just this week as my daughter, who is 24 years old and eight months pregnant, was walking across the pedestrian crossing at Wal-Mart, a group of teen girls almost failed to stop and give her the right-of-way, then proceeded to call her obscene names.

Parents, I am sure that you would not be proud to say “there goes my daughter.” Please talk to your teenagers and let them know that pedestrians do have the right-of-way. Additionally, the person they were calling names is an Iraqi Freedom veteran who spent a year in Iraq so that these young ladies would have the rights and freedoms that they obviously enjoy and at times over-exercise with their freedom of speech.

If you were one of the young ladies, then you owe someone an apology. Where does the responsibility lie to teach young men and women that calling other people names is not acceptable or appropriate and that our society has no room for such intolerable acts? Please think about your actions! You never know who may interview you for a job someday or be on a scholarship committee or be your future in-laws.

Cynthia Heard