To the editor:

Memorial Day is a legal holiday in memory of our military service men and women who sacrificed their lives in all of our country’s wars. We remember those who have given their lives in defense of their country and to protect those freedoms we all cherish. You cannot commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of our military heroes over the past century by pretending their sacrifices never happened (like our local school districts did). Many Brownwood Bulletin readers will recognize the names of our Brown County Heroes listed below and may still know their families. Please salute and remember the sacrifice of the following Brown County Military Heroes and their families from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dr. Steve Kelly

Co-chairman Military Affairs/Legislative Committee

Brownwood Area

Chamber of Commerce

World War I

Army - Virgil Bales, Oscar N. Bollinger, William B. Cooper, Bernard England, Clay Hibbs, William Hintgen, James A. Hood, Thomas L. Long, Willis McMurtrye, Frank J. Medlock, Charles Miller, Henry H. Phillips, Fred Reasoner, William L. Reeves, Jake C. Rives, Gust A. Shaw, Tona L. Smiley, Isham A. Smith, Joseph W. Smith, Allen D. Vaden, Carl Valliant, William H. Weatherly and Doxey Waling Wilkins

Navy – Dave L. Guthrie.

World War II

Army – Roger Allen, Jesse Allman, Wade E. Andrews, Leon C. Barnes, James C. Bentley, Charles E. Berry, Lonnie L. Bien, Noel L. Bilbrey, Darius A. Blanton, Charles E. Boler, Dalton E. Bowman, J.D. Bramlet Sr., Vernon Breazeale, Billie Burnett, James F. Burns, Oratus, G. Bush, Garland Campbell, Wilford D. Casson, Raymond D. Cawyer, William Chambers, Walter E. Chathan, Raymond L. Cobb, Alfred E. Cockrum, J.T. Coffee, Jack H. Collie, Billy J. Conner, Edward L. Cox, Joseph G. Cross, Elmer J. Davidson, Morris E. Day, Ward W. DeHay, Thomas C. Deeds, Walter C. Donnell, Andrew O. Dunkin Jr., Clovis Farrell, Phillip N. Fenton, Alton M. Fleming, Rex M. Flowers, Alvie C. Ford, Robert Frachiseur, Jim C. Gaines, James W. Gibson, Judson T. Giddens, Lewis B. Goins, Harry O. Green, Shirley J. Green, Mark E. Greer, Louis M. Guyer, Tom J. Harrington, Orville L. Hayes, Chester C. Henson Jr., Amzy E. Hibler, Norris Hickman, Iva F. Holmes, Thearon O. Ivy, James G. Jones, Charlie C. Kehley, Charles Knowles, Jr., Charles C. Lacy, Watters L. Lamkin, James D. Lewis Jr., Jerald E. Lilly, O.B. Littleton, Jack W. Massey, J.B. Mayfield, Jake E. McCulley, Jack N. McKnight, Herron M. McLean, Layton M. McMillan, Joe S. McSpadden, Lloyd C. Miller, Robert L. Morris, Robert N. Morris, Stanley A. Mullins, D.W. Neal, Carmon D. Neill, Johnie E. Newton, Abelardo L. Ortiz Jr., Fred H. Parrish, James E. Pate, L.J. Pittman Jr., Clarence Powell Jr., Robert L. Pyle, William W. Rankin, Waymon T. Ray, John E. Rice, Clarence M. Risinger, Churchill Scott Jr., James F. Scott, Jeff J. Siegfried, Herbert Simmons, Harmon L. Small, Virgil L. Stephens, Aubrey C. Stratton, Albert S. Teague Jr., Marion F. Thomason, Tommy M. Thomson, Walter F. Timmons, Harold Townsend, Francis M. Veatch Jr., Albert M. Vega, Wilburn L. Watson, Charles M. Willis and Ernest O. Winingham.

Navy – James Jarvis Belvin, Ennis Edgar Brooks, James R. Lynch Jr., Garthia D. Rodgers, Elton Buck Smith, Robert G. Smith and Robert Toggle Jr.

Marine Corps – Elman A. Anderson and Walter J. Turman.

Navy Reserve – Rex Ulric Daniel, Thomas F. Harris, Luther C. Haynie and Loyd W. McCaslin.

Marine Corps Reserve – Glen C. McDearmon and Lyons K. Wilcox.

Korean War

Army – Roland W. Cullins, Clarence E. Fairrow, Jasper V. Marquez, Doyle Mills and James A. Newman.

Vietnam War

Army – Eddie Lee Ephraim, James T. Griffen Jr., J.D. Harrell, Phillip Hease Holmes, Arthur Earl Keesee, Brit P. Lemmons, Willard Alton Perry Jr. and Nelson Payne Tuttle.

Navy – Michael Autrey Teague.

Marine Corps – Raymond Rodriguez Delgado and Kennith Wayne Wheeler.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Army – Donald Allen Wesley Burkett.

Marine Corps – Mario Castillo and Michael Craig Ledsome.