Brownwood area residents stand on the brink of what is generally considered the last gasp of summer today, two weeks into the new school year for most families. Still, the weather is warm and a three-day weekend beckons. If it’s a summer outing you’re wanting, it’s now or never.

For Labor Day holiday motorists, the highways could be just as busy if not busier than they found on their trips during June, July or August. Dove hunters are out in force, and many football fans will going here or there to follow favorite teams.

Texas roads might also see some of the first of the “snowbirds,” the residents of northern states who head south each year for the winter, traveling through to South Texas.

So, as always, use caution, and drive defensively. Remember that driving while you’re fatigued is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. And don’t forget to buckle up everyone in your vehicle.

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday. You’ve worked hard for the opportunity.

Brownwood Bulletin