To the editor:

I have something that I am concerned about, and itís with Greenleaf Cemetery. I bought two gravesites when my husband died, one for him and one for me. Years before that, my father had bought a large plot.(Why he bought that big plot, I have no idea.)There are many gravesites on that plot. he bought that plot to bury his first wife. Of course my mom and dad are buried there. OK, on with my story. Everyone who buys plots, lots or a gravesite, pays for perpetual care. Am I not right?

Now we have volunteers, and (the group) even has a name. Donít get me wrong. I believe in volunteer work, but there are paid employees to keep the cemetery clean and well kept. I know we had much rain, but not enough to keep them from doing the work that they get paid for. Now what do these guys do, while the volunteers are out there using their own tools and labor to keep it clean? Thereís many in this area who have lots, plots, etc. Everyone pays what it costs for perpetual care. Now tell me what happened to ďperpetual careĒ when volunteers do these guysí jobs. Do they just sit around and watch the good people do their job and they get paid for someone else doing it? OK, Iíve told my story. If Iím wrong, Iíll apologize, but if Iím right, volunteers should not be used for jobs people are paid to do. Now I need an answer from someone who knows much more than I do. I just donít understand the whole thing. Thanks for letting me blow off my steam.

Betty Bartee