To the editor:

Well, it’s finally coming to pass. If you haven’t heard, GM is closing four automobile plants, some vehicles never to be made again, many thousands of employees losing their jobs. Why? Liberals and some spineless Republicans being bought off by special interest lobbyists with no scientific facts to back their claim that the planet is warming and soon we will be swimming with polar bears.

Fact: the earth has and always be cyclical. We have cooling periods as well as warming periods, but not worldwide global warming. We have more coal, coal shale and tar sands that can easily be converted to oil and gas. Nazi scientists invented the first conversions of coal to gasoline in 1944! With our technology we can and should be utilizing this “natural resource.”

By some estimates, we have more coal and tar sands in the ground than all of the Middle East has in oil reserves! Think about it! No more blackmail by a culture that in the end is out to destroy our way of life! America, think about it. Not one presidential candidate has mentioned what he or she will do for our country’s lifeblood. Not one thing! Wake up. Thank you.

Les Davis