To the editor:

To the people of Brownwood: Just look around you at the towns that appoint their chief of police. You will see that it’s for the rich and their children. It is never for all to be treated alike. I have lived in both. I had a grandson on the force where they appointed their chief. He arrested one of the prominent citizens — had the amount of drugs on him. Filled the papers out and the chief said, “Don’t you know you don’t arrest those people’s sons?” My son said, “Here are the goods taken on him.” The chief gave my son a lecture who to arrest and gave him another one of who not to bother.

Brownwood has a good chief. The ones who want to appoint one are, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

Is that what you want? If so, vote to appoint one.

I’ve known Chief Virgil Cowin a long time. He is a good Christian man. His whole family has been good people. Think about what you really want for your town. You can vote for one and you are the people sitting on the jury.

A.C. Ford

Santa Anna