To the editor:

A cemetery should be a reflection of its community. If Greenleaf Cemetery is a reflection of your community, you should be ashamed. The board and employees must answer for the appalling disarray of the grounds. Visiting the cemetery is already an emotional experience without the heartbreak of not even being able to see the headstones because of the 3-foot tall weeds. If you havenít been lately, please visit so youíll understand our concerns.

Rains were the excuse Motherís Day. Whatís the excuse now? City parks, golf courses, other cemeteries and home lawns have been mowed. You have a city ordinance dealing with the height of weeds, maybe the city needs to get involved in this matter. The entrance is also a disgrace. Citizens of Brownwood, get involved, tell the board of directors that this is not acceptable, enough is enough. After seeing it in April, I talked to Mr. Lappe and he explained that it was too wet because of the rain and it would improve when it dried. Well, here it is mid-July and it is worse.

You can send a formal complaint to Texas Department of Banking 2601 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78705-4294, which regulates the prepaid funeral industry and perpetual care cemeteries. You can also send complaints to Texas Funeral Service Commission, PO Box 12217 Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711.

Lynn and Nan Gentry