Throughout the generations, Brown County residents have been strong supporters of the U.S. Armed Forces and the men and women who serve their country. Thatís been the case for generations, but the surge of patriotism experienced after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has lost some of its zeal as time has passed.

The parades and rallies may be less frequent, and the community worship services held in their support are less frequent and less attended. Yet, that doesnít mean the thoughts and prayers in support of the men and women serving in the nationís military have stopped because the outward show of patriotism has been lagging recently.

Saturday will be Flag Day, and itís another opportunity for Americans to remember that generations of Americans in uniform have carried the Stars and Stripes into battle so that our citizens and others in the world can live in freedom. A new generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen is now following that proud and honorable tradition.

Local residents can show their appreciation, and families can also have a good time, by participating ďA Day at the CampĒ and open house Saturday afternoon at the Camp Bowie National Guard Armory. It promises to be a fun-filled day for children and their parents hosted by the 111th Engineer Battalion soldiers. Capt. Jeff Nash invited the community to attend.

In addition to being Flag Day, Saturday is also the 233rd birthday of the U.S. Army. The 111th Engineers are relatively new to Camp Bowie, and itís a perfect time for the community to get to know them. The timing is also important, because significant numbers of this battalion have been activated for duty in the Middle East.

Sadly, Brown County residents know that a high cost can be associated with such service. We can remind each other of that fact, and can honor the memory of those who have made such a sacrifice, by proudly displaying the flag of the United States of America whenever we can ó but especially this weekend.

Brownwood Bulletin