In a story that has been developing for several weeks, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials have been investigating the alleged poaching of a huge whitetail buck in the northwestern part of Grayson County.

While the case was still being processed at last report, a TPWD news release indicates that the huge 19-point buck taken in the incident had apparently been previously photographed by a game camera in the area.

After suspicions were initially raised, Grayson County game wardens reportedly interviewed the potential suspect who was in possession of the antlers.

According to TPWD, during that interview, the suspect initially denied any wrongdoing in the case, indicating that the deer had been taken on public hunting land in Marshall County, Oklahoma.

When TPWD game wardens executed a mobile phone search warrant obtained prior to the interview, the suspect reportedly changed the story.

At that point, TPWD indicates that the man admitted to shooting the deer off of a public roadway on property that he didn’t have permission to hunt. In addition to shooting the deer with a rifle in an archery and crossbow only county, the man also did not have a hunting license either.

According to the agency, the buck measured 25 1/2-inches wide and had a gross score in excess of 200-inches.

With multiple charges and civil restitution pending, the agency said at the time of its Dec. 29th news release that the investigation was continuing in both Texas and Oklahoma.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.