Bangs hosted Cisco on Tuesday night at Dragon Field, where they were hoping to claim their second win of the season. However, the Loboes had other ideas and the young Dragons team instead received yet another loss on the night, which now has them falling to 8-1 on the year overall.


"We got off to a rough start," said Bangs head coach Keith Meador. "We had some miscues through the first couple of innings, which caused us to get behind. They're a good team too, but we just couldn't help ourselves tonight. That's kind of been the story with us all year so far. We keep giving up the big hits, making errors and we give up runs early. It's hard to overcome that most of the time when you're down in the hole like we were tonight."


The Loboes went up on the Dragons early on in the game, putting multiple runs on the board in the first inning. After an easy out to start the game, the Loboes faced a full count situation with their second batter, who then hit a pop fly to left field that was missed and made a double out of it. The following at-bat saw a grounder to left field, which resulted in a RBI double and then another grounder to the outfield that produced yet another RBI double. Just like that Cisco was up 2-0 on Bangs. Their next run came when starting pitcher Zach Zink was called for balking, which advanced the runner at third base.


The Dragons' first outing at the plate was the exact opposite. Two strikeouts, then a base hit followed by a ground out saw the inning end quickly, with Cisco leading 3-0.


Bangs made the Loboes go three up, three down in the top of the second inning, but couldn't capitalize on that as 4 at-bats resulted in another three quick outs.


In the top of the third Cisco's bats came alive, loading the bases on a hit that almost left the ballpark. The next at bat resulted in a RBI, but luckily for the Dragons, that was all as the Loboes were caught stealing second. The score remained 4-0 in Cisco's favor throughout the bottom of the inning due to Bangs going three up and three down.


Through the first three innings Cisco sent 17 batters to the plate and ended up with eight hits, while Bangs send 11 and only had one hit to show for it.


Cisco managed to load the bases again in the next innings, mostly due to mistakes by the Dragons defense such as wild throws and hitting the batter. Two separate RBI singles that came from hitting the ball down the left foul line gave the Loboes even more of a cushion in the top of the fourth, as they lead Bangs 6-0.


The bottom of the fourth showed a little promise for the Dragons after Zach Zink hit a double that went to the fence, but an out before his at bat, followed by a strikeout and a grounder to first ended any momentum they had before it could start.


Two more runs were had by Cisco in the top of the fifth, with the first batter being walked, which setup a RBI double to left field. Their first out of the inning came on the fifth batter, which pushed the runner on third to home. Bangs quickly escaped any more trouble after a groundout and a pop fly got them off the field.


What followed was another three up and three down for the Dragons.


With only two innings left to play, not much promise was shown, until Bangs changed pitchers. Freshman Eli Carbajal entered the game as the closer, striking out his first two batters and an infield grounder following those strikeouts retired the side.


Runners were on first and second base when Bangs' Kaden Richards came up to bat and Richards hit a ball that was inches away from being a homerun, but still resulted in a RBI double. With two outs, Bangs was finally on the board and Landon James then gave the Dragons another run right after Richards, hitting it to deep left field for another RBI double. Koby Hoffman was next up to bat, hoping to add another, but grounded out to second.


Bangs cut Cisco's lead 8-2 after the eighth inning, and Carbajal struck two more out in the top of the ninth to go along with an easy popup to second base to close out the top. Unfortunately for Bangs it was another three up, three down scenario, their third of the night, and the game was over.


Cisco beat the Dragons 8-2.


"There were some bright spots for us," Meador explained. "We threw a lot more strikes tonight, especially at the end, than we have. That was great to see. We just need to sure up the defense and make more plays behind our pitchers so we don't extend our innings."


"Other than that we just have to get on the board earlier in the game and continue to put runs up," he added. "We have got to score runs. We can't wait until the end of the game like we did tonight."


Up next for Bangs are the Early Longhorns, followed by the Comanche Indians.