There is a large group of South Texas high school lifters competing in the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association state meet in Waco this weekend.

In that group is a handful of girls who are entering the meet as the girls to beat in their respected weight classes.

In Division 1, Alice’s Chloe Zapata is the top-ranked lifter in the 198-pound weight class. Alice has a total of nine girls competing in the 5A competition Friday at the Extraco Events Center in Waco.

Class 4A lifters also compete Friday. Orange Grove’s Jeanie Flores is going into the contest ranked No. 2 in the 259-pound weight class.

San Diego has three girls who are entering the 3A competition Saturday ranked at the top of their weight classes. Brittany Trevino leads the 97-pound weight class and Sarah Jo Campos leads the 105-pound weight class. Alexis Gallegos is the top-ranked lifter in the 181-pound weight class.

State qualifiers

The following are the area’s state qualifiers and their weight totals from regionals:

Division 1
at Weslaco HS
97-pound weight class — 9, Alexis Herrera, Alice, 560. 12, Tianna Trujillo, Alice, 550.
114-pound weight class — 9, Mia Reyes, T-M, 735. 12, Hope Davila, T-M, 705. 15, Kailey Castillo, T-M, 690.
123-pound weight class — 12, Shelby Webster, T-M, 735.
132-pound weight class — 11, Jasmine Hernandez, 790. 15, Julianna Perez, T-M, 775.
148-pound weight class — 5, Gabriella Canales, Alice, 885.
165-pound weight class — 5, Alexis Estringel, Alice, 905. 7, Edy Garza, Alice, 850.
181-pound weight class — 2, Jackie Guerra, Alice, 965. 7, Julie Stanford, T-M, 900.
198-pound weight class — 1, Chloe Zapata, Alice, 1,115. 9, Stephanie Urguieta, T-M, 920.
220-pound weight class — 7, Julie Sepulveda, Alice, 940.
259-pound weight class — 9, Raelene Chavez, T-M, 925.

Divisions 2
at Carrizo Springs HS
123-pound weight class —7, Fayln Currie, Orange Grove, 745.
165-pound weight class — 4, Brooke Ngo, Orange Grove, 860.
1259-pound weight class — 1, Jeannie Flores, Orange Grove, 1,125.

Divisions 3
at Carrizo Springs HS
97-pound weight class — 1, Brittany Trevino, San Diego, 675. 6, Gabby Zarate, San Diego, 560.
105-pound weight class — 2, Sarah Jo Campos, San Diego, 670.
114-pound weight class — 3, Gabby Garcia, Freer, 725.
123-pound weight class — 1, Julie Gonzalez, San Diego, 755. 2, Bailey Pastrano, 735.
165-pound weight class — 3, Brianna Guillen, San Diego, 845.
181-pound weight class — 1, Alexis Gallegos, San Diego, 975.
198-pound weight class — 1, Abby Hernandez, San Diego, 895.
220-pound weight class — 4, Alexia Soliz, San Diego, 920.