The Early ISD athletics department is in the infancy stages of attempting to renovate the weight room on the high school campus.

Earlier this month, Early athletic director Blake Sandford posted on the Early athletic website,, an image of what a revamped weight room would look like.

“Our weight room was built in 2000 and it's been a great weight room, but I figured this would be a great time to upgrade it and make it more user friendly as we continue to get more and more athletes running through our program,” Sandford said.

The Brownwood High School weight room was remodeled earlier this year, with work by done by Lone Star Power and Performance — headed up by Brownwood graduates Colby Freeman and Shay Ratliff . The new look at Brownwood caught Sandford's eye.

“I was impressed with Brownwood's weight room and the work Colby and Shay had done,” Sandford said. “I looked at their stuff and Shay came out and talked us, presented the equipment and I was impressed with that.”

Nothing has been finalized to this point, but Sandford is attempting to raise as much money as possible for the potential project without tapping into school district funds.

“We've had a lot of positive interest, a lot of people wanting to be a part of the project,” Sandford said. “I'm still putting a plan together now, we're at the very beginning of it, but we want to be able to renovate the weight room without using school district funds. We'll see how far we can get.”