Dr. Rance Boren recently met with the Brownwood Lions and Lady Lions coaches as he provided updated information on new research regarding the prevention and treatment of concussions.

“Coaches are required to have concussion training, but that’s done through the UIL,” said Brownwood athletic director Kyle Maxfield, “but we wanted to go above and beyond about concussion management, where it’s at on the research and what the future holds. It was a great information tool for everyone in the room. Dr. Boren prepared a packet and talked to all the football coaches and most of our girls coaches.”

Among the research topics discussed, Maxfield stated studies are ongoing to determine how rams and woodpeckers have little to no head injuries compared to humans despite much more extensive trauma.

“The thing that stood out to me is all the focus has been on protecting from the outside, now they’ve studied woodpeckers and rams because the butt heads all the time and never have brain problems,” Maxfield said. “What they’re trying to figure out is how you can protect from the inside, and whether there can be some new neck equipment that can help protect.”

Maxfield added that the Brownwood coaching staff will continue their diligence in concussion training.

“The protocols we have and how concussions have been studied and researched over the years, that’s come a million miles and we understand it a lot more,” Maxfield said. “As an athletic program we’re going to continue to go above and beyond and do extra to be the best we can be and understand all aspects.”