The Brownwood Junior High tennis teams competed in the annual Brownwood Invitational on April 26, where the seventh graders placed first as a team and the eighth graders came in second.

Listed are the Brownwood participants, along with their performances in parenthesis:

Emily Harding (7th girls singles, third place)

Brian Thomas (8th boys singles B, second place)

Noah Marlin (7th boys singles, consolation)

Breanna Parker (7th girls singles, consolation)

Kayley Pitcox (8th girls doubles, consolation)

Cody Snyder (8th boys singles, second place)

Jose Hernandez (7th boys doubles, second place)

Brian Bowen (7th boys singles, first place)

Presley Parker (8th girls singles, consolation)

Marcela Leal (7th girls doubles B, third place)

Ronnie Evans (8th boys singles, fourth place)

Raylene Camp (8th girls singles B, first place)

Krystal Garcia (8th girls singles B, second place)

Jonathan Fuller (8th boys doubles, second place)

John Pena (8th boys doubles, second place)

Karissa Means (7th girls singles B, third place)

Allison Aguirre (7th girls doubles B, third place)

Brandon Wollgast (8th boys singles B, first place)

Austin Robinson (7th boys singles, second place)

Jessica Reed (8th girls doubles, consolation)

Jordan Reitz (7th boys doubles, second place)