In coming weeks, both the Brownwood and Early chambers of commerce will be hosting visits to the state capital so Brown County residents can tour the halls of government and meet with elected officials. With two opportunities to participate this year, most who would like to attend should be able to invest a day for this trip. Doing so will be both educational and beneficial.

The trip planned by Early officials will be held next Tuesday. Brownwood’s event will be one week later, on Feb. 6.

Brown County residents have been active in state as well as national politics for decades, and these trips have helped to maintain the close contacts this area has with its elected officials. Our communities are not the only ones in the state that plan such functions, so it is important that the turnout is enthusiastic. Citizens frequently see the state representative and state senator elected from the districts in which we live, and Rep. Jim Keffer and Sen. Troy Fraser and their staff members will be waiting to greet these groups. But this is also an opportunity to meet several statewide officials. For example, two years ago during the Brownwood trip, both Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Tom Craddick along with other key officials met with the group.

The Texas Legislature is grappling with issues that will certainly affect Brown County residents during the session that is just getting under way, and keeping the lines of communication open will ensure that our views are known as lawmakers make important decisions in the weeks ahead. Taking the time to be involved in these visits will pay dividends for our communities now and in the future.

Brownwood Bulletin