To the editor:

Walkers, joggers and bikers: Please help me. I donít want to kill or maim you. I care about you, and I donít want to live haunted by what happened to you.

Several times in recent years I have almost hit someone while driving, because I didnít see them until almost the last second. Their clothing blended in with the dawn, dusk, nighttime dark or the dark color of the street or road.

One night I turned off Austin onto a side street and almost hit an elderly couple out walking in dark clothing. About a year ago, on the highway, I almost turned into the side of a motorcycle. The driver had on dark clothing, drove a dark bike on a dark road, in the shade of tall trees, with no headlight. I came frighteningly close before seeing him.

Several times in broad daylight Iíve had the same experience on city streets. So many colors of clothing blend in with the road. If you cannot afford florescent or other highly reflective clothing, please wear white. If you donít have white or other light colored pants, shorts or shirt, buy some just for walking. If you canít afford it, check out Good Samaritan Ministries or garage sales.

I have no objection to walking or jogging. I do it myself.

I suspect I am not the only driver with such experiences and such concerns.

Wallace Roark