To the editor:

In the May 13 Sunday Bulletin there was an article about the Cowboy Capital MS Trail ride. I hope a lot of you read it.

The co-chair quoted was Debbie Cole, who is my daughter. She has done this job for 10 years. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 24 years ago, but she has not let her illness keep her from working very hard to make this ride a success and raise money for research to find a cure and to help people in the North Central Texas District, which includes Brown County.

Each year I have put out posters, passed out flyers and talked to people in Brownwood about the trail ride. The only response I have had is from the Zephyr Extension Club, who donates each year, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooper and their daughter, who have been very supportive the last few years. I keep thinking that since there is no fund-raiser for MS in Brownwood, the horse clubs and many horse owners in Brown County will support the ride. To my knowledge there has not been one rider from Brown County.

I know a lot of you must have a family member or friend, or know of someone who has MS. Please help us find a cure. You donít have to ride a horse to take part in this event.

The first Saturday in May is always the day of the ride.

Mildred Steger