Police are seeking a former Pizza Hut manager in connection with money missing from the restaurantís bank deposit that should have been made May 5.

According to a report filed by Lynn Beard, with Brownwood city police, John Kirgis, operations manager for Pizza Hut, had found a discrepancy in the deposit records for May 18 when reviewing the storeís banking transactions, and questioned the restaurantís manager, Dustin Davis. Davis at first said he didnít know anything about the missing money, but when Kirgis informed him he was going to call the police.

Davis said he could not go to jail and arranged to make restitution, which he did, the report said.

Kirgis told Beard Davis, who had worked for Pizza Hut for about two years and had been a manager for about eight months, was fired on May 24 and had signed a paper stating he understood the reason he was being fired was due to the mishandling of company funds.

Then, on Thursday, while reviewing all the transactions for May, Kirgis discovered that though a deposit amount of $1,650 had been written in the storeís ledger for May 5, there was no record of the deposit having been made. Davis would have been the manager on duty responsible for making the deposit, Kirgis told Beard. According to Beardís report, the store wishes to file charges for theft.