A woman who became enraged that her husband wasn’t “watching the kids” while he was cooking supper went to jail Wednesday on an assault/family violence charge.

According to a report filed Thursday by Brownwood Police Officer Brandon Arnold, the woman had thrown a half-full can of beer at her husband’s face after he “took up” for their two children. The man told Arnold he was cooking supper and the children were out riding their bikes, but the woman thought they should have been home.

When the children arrived home for supper, the woman became verbally abusive to them and the husband stepped in on the children’s behalf. The verbal abuse continued, and the woman threw the beer can at her husband, the report said.

Arnold reported the man’s chin had a small cut and was bleeding. According to the jail report, the woman was still being held Thursday morning.

Other reports Brownwood police had filed this week include:

A woman, who was told her two tickets to a University of Southern California/ Washington State football game she purchased over the Internet were delivered July 25, has filed a complaint with Brownwood Police and Federal Express. According to the Federal Express records, the tickets were delivered to the woman’s Fourth Street address.

The Federal Express delivery driver, who would have had that route that day, told Brownwood Police Cpl. Mike Sheedy at first he’d left the package on the porch. Then he corrected himself and said he had slid the package under the door.

When asked if he’d heard the dogs bark, he said that he hadn’t, but then said in fact he had heard the dogs barking. Sheedy reported the driver told the woman “the dogs probably chewed up the package.”

A woman remodeling a home in the 2800 block of Austin had nearly $1,400 worth of tools stolen when she left the house for about an hour for lunch on Tuesday. The home was locked, but a broken window near the back door had given the burglar entry to the building. Gary Maas, owner of The Sign Shop on West Commerce, reported that an empty 125-gallon water tank stored behind the business had been stolen after the shop was closed Monday and before it opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Brownwood Police Detective questioned a pedestrian wearing pants, shoes, but no shirt after seeing the 40-year-old male and two other men go into a wooded area in a north part of town shortly before noon Wednesday. Only one of the three came out. Phillip Ray Lenquist told Spruill he had been walking alone, had not just bought drugs and didn’t mind if Spruill checked his pockets.

Lenquist pulled a small plastic bag with a white powdery substance in it from his hip pocket, but told Spruill he had just found that on the road and picked it up. He didn’t know what it was, Spruill wrote in his report. Spruill arrested Lenquist.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a woman who was cited for theft of three ribeye steaks from Kroger.

Shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday, as the 44-year-old woman was leaving the grocery store, the alarm activated. A Kroger manager on duty checked the woman’s purse and found the steaks, valued at $49.56.

According to officer Dustin Bode’s report, the woman said she had taken the steaks because she didn’t have enough money to purchase them, and, she said, she planned to sell them so she would have enough money for a hotel room that night.

Bode issued a citation and trespass warning, but in filing his report, he learned the woman had two previous theft convictions and an arrest warrant was issued.