To the editor:

The article by George Day recommending the legalization of drugs to reduce the number of court cases and number of people incarcerated demands an answer. With that kind of reasoning we can reduce the crime of robbery by legalizing it. Lets make it legal to write hot checks so we can reduce the number of people charged with that offense.

There is a difference in the use of marijuana and methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Alcohol is also addictive but to a lesser degree. Those using the current illegal drugs are starting on a downward slope that is difficult to stop. There are very few old drug users but there are, unfortunately, many old alcoholics.

I agree that the suppliers should receive much stiffer sentences than the users. The problem can best be addressed with intensive counseling on the hazards of the use of drugs and the fact that the price paid by users is much more than time in jail but the record that will follow them through life and the doors they will close for themselves that they cannot anticipate at this stage of their lives.

Anyone who thinks our country would be better off with legalized drugs needs to check the condition of Holland and Belgium today. At least we try to set a good society for our children to grow up in.

Bob Hickey