To the editor:

I know I said the last letter would be the last one, but my mother has insisted that I write just one more. She doesn’t like the fact that what I have said is being misinterpreted and she feels that what is being said by these others will be the last thing that will be thought of. However, personally, I don’t feel I need to defend myself or my views. Each letter that has responded to mine has completely taken my words out of context or made up “facts” that aren’t true. And by the way it is Ms.

To: Ms. Florence of Zephyr, I was a law enforcement officer for a time and I know what 15 will get you 20 means. I never said the officer didn’t do “anything wrong” but what reason should a 15-year-old girl be standing in front of a man naked?

That would be like putting candy in front of a child and saying don’t touch. They know better, but you knew better than to put it there and tell them not to touch! Are you really that desperate to lash out at me? And to clear things up for you…she never told anyone! Someone else saw them together, told another officer and the other officers were tailing him and saw them meet and taped their meeting and then he was arrested. So if no one had ever told on them, who knows, they might still be meeting. You were wrong in your information. And how do we know that after his arrest, she wasn’t given an incentive to change her story? Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened. And yes, it is my business as a citizen, when I believe injustice is being done, to ask questions.

And, yes, I am a good parent, and if my daughter needs counseling at 6 a.m. in the morning, it better be after 911 has been called! Ma’am, you really are desperate for something to say to me, ’cause that doesn’t even make sense bad parent.

Yeah, I get it! Do you know how many people, and that includes women, have to register for the rest of their lives as a sex offender because someone lied? Or someone got caught and blamed it all on the other person? Or I’ll do you one better that I came across when I was in law enforcement in another state. A man was sentenced to having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life for peeing in the woods! Yeah!

I also know of a state trooper (another state) who served for 32 years as a trooper, received awards, accomendations, etc.

When his 17-year-old daughter wanted her boyfriend to move in and her father said no, she went and told the school that her father had “touched her” in appropriately. I know the man’s sister personally. Listened to the trial and still couldn’t believe it. The girl’s boyfriend stood on the stand and witnessed that he saw the two of them (father and daughter) coming out of the bathroom while he was in his car in the driveway.

Defense attorneys proved there was no way — architecturally — possible for that to happen. Yet a jury of his peers believed a lying 17-year-old, and the trooper will spend the rest of his natural life in prison for something he did not do. His wife testified on his behalf, his other kids, co-workers, etc., testified for him. But a jury of peers who can’t see past their face, prejudiced against justice because of something that has happened to them, and fickle, sent an innocent trooper to prison.

It is really sad that some of you have had to deal with sick people in your lives. I too have had to deal with some of that with my daughter. I do know the feeling. I wish life were easy and our children could be kept in a bubble. That isn’t the real world. But I have taught my daughter that sometimes bad things happen and you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going. Believe me, she and I have had our fair share of that, and we are still ticking.

As far as Ms. Fisher is concerned, I never said anything about keeping it all hush-hush. All I have tried to say from the get-go is look at all the evidence, and ask questions. Don’t believe everything you see in print, because all the newspaper can do is print what is released to them to print. Maybe someone will explain to the trial jury what “reasonable doubt” means.

Mr. Editor, if you choose to print this, I appreciate it. If not I understand. I just hope that any responders will truly read my letters before they respond and get the facts straight. Anyone can think what they like about me. But I know what it’s like to be lied on and lied to. Questions need to be asked. This is how the judicial system is designed to work in this country — the one that countless soldiers have fought and died for. There are many people in prison today that were falsely accused and DNA and other types of modern science are being used to free them and justice is being served, finally. I can’t help but wonder if the jury took the time to really ask questions, and see if there was a reasonable doubt or were they just “going with the flow”?

Terrilynn Taylor

Santa Anna