Considering the continuing dry and windy conditions, Brown County Commission-ers reinstated a county-wide burn ban Monday.

“The ban’s pretty standard for this time of year,” said Precinct 1 Commissioner Steve Adams. “It’s about as minor a burn ban as we can initiate. A couple of years we’ve banned fireworks, even welding and things like that, but this one’s not that strict.”

The official language of the ban states “no person in … Brown County may maintain an open fire except in an appropriate container for the burning of trash or cooking food.”

To be in compliance, county residents are asked to use barrels or approved containers for burning trash. For any other controlled burn, residents should call their precinct commissioner to advise of the location and intended scope of the burn.

If the commissioner or volunteer fire department has been warned of a planned burn, they’ll have knowledge of the situation if someone sees smoke in the area and reports a fire.