To the editor:

Should anyone wish to hear and see the other side, so to speak, of our every day news, try Dish station number’s 9410 and 9415.

Some of the above station news I chose not to watch. All of us still have the right of choice.

Much of this coverage offered by what is called Free Speech TV on Dish Network’s channels 9410 and 9415 is hosted by Ms. Amy Goodwin, who in my full honest belief, is a true hero of our time. In short, she tells the other true side of the story which is proven by gaining the Washington news through the process called freedom of information!

I am disgusted with the garbage offered by NBC, CBS and ABC, each being owned by the corporate money which feeds the politicians in each house of Congress. Not all, mind you, but a sufficient number of those in Congress to leave our legislature in Washington D.C. Many are unable to serve the people of America, especially those citizens classified as middle class. Bad choice of words. Me, I choose not to be brainwashed by the offerings of our media. I doubt if 50 percent of their news gives the coverage we deserve about our service men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, our Dish TVs coverage by Ms. Amy Goodwin’s Free Speech’s freedom of records, I see and hear the news that is never offered by the current news media.

The vacuum throughout the news media prior to the invasion of Iraq truly robbed the citizens of our country of the true picture and now we know the brainwashing put out by this administration led us into a war that is impossible to win — just like the war in Vietnam. However, the war machinery complex harbored by the Pentagon in Washington has replaced our late millionaires with billionaires.

I believe in always giving credit where due and on Station CNN, a gentleman by the name of Lou Dobbs is finally getting some justifiable notice throughout the television audience.

God knows it’s time for more brave souls to speak up and offer the truth instead of lies. Take a moment and look at history:

Italy was a nation that was led into destruction by Benito Mussolini — the corporate greed for money and power gained its way into government there and next came martial law, gone was civil liberties and next came the storm troopers and each of us should remember the rest of history. Oh! Yes, Adolph Hitler admired Mussolini’s fascist regime and followed with his murderous Nazis.

L. L. White