Bulletin Staff Report

The annual water quality report for the City of Brownwood is scheduled to be mailed next week to all customers who receive a a utility bill, Director of Utilities David Harris said Tuesday.

The report, known as the Consumer Confidence Report, contains sample results of the latest test taken to ensure that Brownwood’s water meets all state and federal guidelines, Harris said. The report also contains water saving tips, the city’s contact number for water or sewer problems and information on water system flushing.

“Each year, we have a new theme for the report,” Harris said. “In years past, the pictures have been of new water storage tanks to show off our new facilities, fire hydrants to show our role in fire protection, and sample collection to remind customers that we test extensively to ensure that the water is safe.”

This year, the report features a pictured of a hydrant as it is flushed In the foreground is a sample station, and in the rear is a rainbow.

“Just as the rainbow is symbol of promise, the hydrant flushing is a symbol of our promise that the City of Brownwood staff is taking the steps necessary to remain in compliance and ensure that the water our customers receive not only tastes good but is safe to drink,” Harris said.

Flushing is how the city makes sure that the water maintains adequate disinfection residential and stays fresh, Harris said. The hydrant has a meter installed to help the water department account for water flushed in its annual water reporting.

“Anytime you see a hydrant flushing as shown (in the report), you know that the Utility Department of the City of Brownwood is actively working to make sure that our customers have the quality water they deserve,” Harris said. “As a reminder of how affordable our water is, you can still take a 15-minute shower, wash a load of clothes or flush a toilet a dozen times for about a dime.”

A full copy of the report is on the City of Brownwood Web page at www.ci.brownwood.tx.

us, and will be available at the utility billing counter and information center at city hall.