To the editor:

I disagree with John Kliebenstein (Monday, Oct,. 27). Neither the Democrats nor the old “Used to Be” Republican Party are socialists. Never have been. Under socialism, the government owns the land. All of it.

I say “Old Republican Party” because the bunch that are in office under the Republican Party label, with a few exceptions, actually do not represent us Americans. These people do not seek a balanced budget, as any old line Republican did, and does.

John was wrong when he claims that taxing is a redistribution of wealth. He is correct when he tells us that our taxes (and credit) are spent with banks, insurance, drug and hospital corporations (Medicare), and large weapons companies like General Electric, Boeing, Lockheed, and the other 20 war goods corporations. If John calls spending our taxes on these companies socialism then he has redefined the word. The current Rumsfeld-Cheney-Rove government is one of the warmongering for profit.

The difference between the Democrats and Republican government policy is two-fold and quite simple.

Democrats believe in capitalism that is regulated. Republicans removed the regulations that made capitalism behave, be honest and moral.

The second difference is government policy on wages. Republicans go for cheap, Democrats go for decent. Decent wages are defined as enough to own a good home, a good pickup or SUV, enough money for a decent vacation, and to send the children to college, enough to help one’s church and to afford a decent health policy. All earned in a 40-hour work week. With emphasis on “earned.” No gift.

The earned part answered John’s claims about socialism. The Democrats don’t give the money. The Americans earn it.

A Democrat puts the money in play where a worker can earn it and of late, it seems the Democrats are the only party that has a government policy for a balanced budget.

In the regard, would John rather be making $20, an hour and paying $3, in taxes, or making $7, an hour and paying $1 in taxes?

One of the presidents displayed on Mt. Rushmore said that an American paid taxes for the privilege of living in the United States and should be proud to do so.

No John, the Democrats are not socialists. The Democrats are enablers and regulators. Really good Christian people.

Col. George Day