Dear Editor

It's Renee Walker again. How could I forget to tell you, before you go shopping in our hometown, we divas must get our hair done at Carolyn's. I suggest a few highlights.

And, of course don't forget Apples and Spice (she has some beautiful decor). She has made a great success of the store. And, Bob-O, please forgive me for leaving out Higginbotham's. Go up stairs and you'll find a showroom of furniture and decor. We have two couches from him and I got a new kitchen floor. You want to do some home improvement, forget Lowe's and Home Depot in Angelo. Bob-O has everything you need. Oh, and how could I forget Curiosities (she has every kind of wonderful gift and home decor you could want). And one more, Keel Drug Store. Norvel knows everything about my MS and when we have emergencies he has always filled my medications within hours. And, I have to tell you when my beloved husband Andy picks up my medicine he's not allowed to come home without a piece of jewelry or gift decor from Keel. You really need to check Keel out. I think you'll be delighted to pick up your prescriptions and pick up a piece of jewelry. What a great way to lift your spirits when you're sick. I'll leave it up to the rest of you Ballinger's divas to let the Ballinger Ledger know of anything I forgot. We divas have to stick together. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and yours, and have a wonderful time shopping in our hometown.

Renee Walker

Ballinger, Texas