BALLINGER- Friends, family, and fellow law enforcement officers attended last Friday, January 27 to the Ballinger Community Center, to congratulate J.C. Gore, former Chief of Police, who is retiring after 11 years in the office and 27 years serving area residents.

Gore, who was appointed Ballinger Chief of Police in 2000, is closing out his law enforcement career to become a reserve officer on January 31.

"It's been a great time, I enjoyed it a lot," said Gore who is leaving the seat to Mark McNulty, former Sergeant of the Ballinger City Police.

Always in a rush, his retirement reception was no exception, and Gore encouraged everyone to enjoy the refreshments after a brief speech thanking everyone in the community for being extremely supportive. "I have enjoyed every single day in the office, now let's eat", he said.

The Ballinger City Council recognized Gore during the reception "for going above and beyond during ever since you started your career with the Police Department, for that the City of Ballinger is very grateful," said Council member Jolene McBurney.

"I am going to miss you all folks in the school, in the hospital, but I will be around and come to see you... I can't tell you what a treat has been to work for my town, thank you very much for having me," said Gore.

Stephen Smith, Former District Attorney, recalled when he was preparing a trial and J.C. Gore was his major witness "I tried to track him down so we could work up, get him ready for the case, so I finally go in the patrol car with him and drive around town with him," said Smith. "Every place we stopped, the kids would run up and want to talk to him, and share things with him and that is a rare thing, to have a man that has the respect of a child, they trusted him no matter what he did."