Rancher Bob Clark is the new Brown County Commissioner in Precinct 1.

Brown County Judge Ray West appointed Clark, 63, to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Steve Adams, who resigned Jan. 20 as part of a plea deal in a theft case.

West administered the oath of office to Clark around 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

Clark, a native of Rising Star, lives off County Road 267 about a mile southeast of the Access Road. He said he ranches there and in Winchell.

Adams' term expires this year, and Clark said he has no interest in running for election. West had said he would not appoint any candidates or potential candidates in the election.

"It looked like an opportunity to serve the county because I'm not interested in running for the office," Clark said after he was sworn in. "I can sit on my rear and bellyache or I can try to help, and I look forward to it as a learning experience. I've never been involved in county government."

Clark said he see the commissioners court run "in a businesslike fashion" and he wants to keep politics out of the office. "I just would like to see harmony and no self-interest," Clark said.

When asked if he has any thoughts on taking the office held by Adams, Clark said, "I wish it hadn't been necessary to fill the office and I'm not coming in to grind any axes against anybody."

West said it's his understanding that Clark's appointment will end upon the election of a candidate. He said he chose Clark after interviewing Clark and two others.

"I have the highest regard for Mr. Clark's character and his intellect," West said. "I know that Bob is not motivated by politics but rather is motivated by a commitment to make Brown County, and specifically Precinct 1, a better place for all Precinct 1 constituents, West said.

West said he holds the other two individuals he interviewed "in highest regard" but believed Clark is "the best fit for the job. I know his work ethic and I know his character, and those are the two things that will ensure how well this precinct is operated," West said.

Clark is a 1967 graduate of Cisco High School. He attended Cisco Junior College and graduated in 1971 from Texas Tech University, where he studied agricultural education and animal production.

Clark previously served on the Rising Star school board and the Cherokee Children's Home board, and as a director of the Pecan Bayou Soil and Water Conservation District.

Clark married Marilyn Warren in 1985 and has three sons. He attends Austin Avenue Church of Christ.

Adams, meanwhile, turned himself in to the Brown County Jail Thursday to serve the remaining 14 days of his 15-day jail sentence. Adams had served a day of the sentence after turning himself in on Jan. 28. The Probation Department had initially approved Adams serving the jail time on weekends because the initial judgment did not specify whether Adams was required to serve the entire 15 days consecutively, Chief Probation Officer Joe Shaw said.

The matter was addressed in a conference call Wednesday between Visiting Judge Robert Moore, who sentenced Adams, and the attorneys in the case, Shaw said. He said the judge clarified that Adams must serve the sentence all at one time.